Crafting Captivating Streams: Unveiling the Ultimate Bots for Twitch

Bots for Twitch can be extremely useful. In this article, you will find a Twitch bots list and will learn how to choose the best for you.

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Crafting Captivating Streams: Unveiling the Ultimate Bots for Twitch

Bots for Twitch have revolutionized how we moderate and manage chats with thousands of participants. Not only are they great at moderating chat, but they also offer many personalized commands and features available to any user. In addition, bots for Twitch have become great allies in the fight against trolls, which has significantly increased the efficiency of the streaming process for Twitch broadcasters.

In this article, we will explain what bots for Twitch are, their functions, and the features of the most popular ones.

What are Bots for Twitch

In fact, bots for Twitch act as virtual assistants that greatly facilitate the streamer's life. First of all, bots are engaged in chat moderation during broadcasts. They can answer frequently asked questions (FAQs), block and delete spammers in the chat, filter offensive statements, and perform several other useful functions. They also welcome new viewers, thank sponsors during broadcasts, and provide important user information. How do chatbots work?

In addition to their moderator role, bots for Twitch bring an element of entertainment for viewers during live streaming. They keep track of song requests, offer special rewards, and keep viewers engaged throughout the stream. Many bots also provide insights into your audience by presenting statistics about your regular viewers.

All chatbots for Twitch can be categorized into three groups: moderator bots, viewer bots, and fan bots.

Moderator bots are the backbone of any streaming system. If you don't have moderators capable of dealing with unruly viewers in chat in real-time, these bots become indispensable helpers to save time and ensure smooth streaming. They can also keep a record of banned words and store important links that can be accessed with simple chat commands.

Viewer bots differ from regular bots because they do not appear in the chat. You can identify such bots on your channel by checking the list of viewers. As a rule, the presence of such bots in your chat will be indicated by the presence of many spam-like usernames. How to recognize a bot?

Some streamers use such bots to inflate their view count by using illegal scripts and tools to make it appear that there are more simultaneous viewers than there actually are. Interacting with viewer bots is strongly discouraged as it violates Twitch rules and is frowned upon in the streaming community.

Fan bots do not perform moderation functions but offer entertaining elements to increase engagement and entertain your audience.

While modern bots allow you to protect yourself from spam and unwanted interaction, to protect your data better and ensure anonymity, you can use a VPN service from is*hosting.

Overview of Bots for Twitch

Overview of Bots for Twitch

Each bot for Twitch was created to perform specific functions and solve various tasks, so choosing the right bot will depend on your goals. Let's take a closer look at the most popular bots for Twitch.

Overview of Bots for Twitch


If you are starting out on your streaming journey, Nightbot would be the optimal choice of bot for Twitch. Its setup and usage are intuitive, making it ideal even for those without experience with such tools.

What makes Nightbot stand out in terms of usability is its cloud hosting. This eliminates the need to set up a server or download files to your computer to get started. What are the advantages of a home server?

Nightbot is also compatible with a variety of platforms and works well on both Mac and PC. Nightbot can also integrate with some other services, such as Discord and YouTube, making it a versatile bot that can help you manage your chat and interact with your audience.

As a chatbot, Nightbot allows you to customize dynamic answers to frequently asked questions, automatically share promotional links, and schedule messages by time during broadcasts. The bot includes searchable chat logs, spam filters, and smart features to handle song requests and giveaways.

This versatile bot also automatically shares common messages, such as updates from social media and news sources. With its Song Request feature, Nightbot allows viewers to request songs from platforms like YouTube and SoundCloud, complementing your streamings with background music.

Nightbot features

  • Personalized commands
  • Anti-spam filters
  • Chat history recording
  • Interactive features (answers to frequently asked questions)
  • Scheduled messages and notifications
  • Song request functionality
  • Conducting giveaways
  • Exclusive rewards for subscribers

However, it's worth noting that despite all of Nightbot's benefits, those unfamiliar with how bots work may have some difficulties. Some users have raised concerns that certain features don't work as expected, and there have also been occasional issues with the reliability of spam filters and chat logs.

Nightbot is a free bot and is available for download on the official website.


Moobot holds a special place among Twitch bots, with a history of over 14 years dating back to the era. This cloud bot requires no download and features a user-friendly interface. Easy integration into your Twitch channel eliminates creating a separate Moobot account.

Moobot protects your Twitch chat from spam and unwanted content, provides prompt interaction with chat teams, schedules posts by time, and communicates important information such as social media links and sponsor information. Moobot can be customized according to your preferences and those of your viewers.

Additionally, Moobot makes it easy to delegate tasks during live broadcasts if you have moderators. Customizable permissions allow you to assign roles to different moderators. This bot's capabilities include handling song requests and conducting raffles and polls. This bot integrates with Discord and YouTube, as well as with well-known games such as Valorant, League of Legends, and Apex Legends.

Moobot features

  • Moderation
  • Scheduled messages/notifications
  • Subscriber rewards
  • Subscriber and follower alerts
  • Moderated song requests
  • Custom commands
  • Raffles
  • Polls
  • Chat polls
  • Scheduled social media and sponsor posts
  • Twitch chat alerts
  • Spam protection

Among the disadvantages of Moobot is the fact that its configuration and customization options are not as extensive as, for example, Nightbot, as well as the fact that it lacks a stream store option, which is quite popular.

Moobot is a free bot for Twitch that can be downloaded from the official website.

Streamlabs (Ankhbot)

Streamlabs (Ankhbot)

If you are looking for a Twitch bot with many features, Streamlabs is a great choice. Streamlabs is not cloud-based and needs to be downloaded to your computer. Nevertheless, its customization and navigation are quite convenient. The cloud hosting option is available with a Streamlabs Prime subscription.

Streamlabs makes chat moderation much easier thanks to the Mod Tools feature. You can configure the system to detect banned words, spam, and unauthorized links in the chat. The system also allows you to penalize viewers who post banned content. Timed messages, polls, and other interactive features can be easily integrated into this bot.

In addition to moderation, Streamlabs offers many mini-games, a betting system, and a music request manager. The bot allows you to organize raffles and prize drawings for viewers. In addition, Streamlabs provides the ability to customize hotkeys for sound effects, manage playlists, and use macros and counters. Streamlabs integrates with platforms like YouTube, Twitch, Spotify, and Mixers.

Streamlabs features

  • Custom commands
  • Moderation capabilities
  • Interactive games
  • Sound effects
  • Scheduled messages/notifications
  • Song requests
  • Lotteries and prize drawings
  • Overlays
  • Loyalty system
  • Chat alerts

Despite the extensive features of the Streamlabs bot, it also has its drawbacks. For example, the media sharing feature may not be clear for beginners, and some features require a Streamlabs Prime subscription to access.

Streamlabs is a free bot for Twitch and is available for download on the official website.


StreamElements is a well-known platform for streamers that works perfectly on YouTube and Twitch. This bot offers many resources for creating and monetizing content, including free overlays, a merchandise store, a media sharing system, and its own chatbot.

StreamElements chatbot is characterized by a variety of modules and features. In particular, it provides reliable spam protection with pre-installed filters and robust moderator management tools for promptly resolving chat issues.

In addition to chat moderation, the StreamElements chatbot successfully copes with the task of increasing audience engagement. It offers an integrated loyalty system that rewards regular viewers with loyalty points that can be used in the stream store. Contests and sweepstakes capabilities are complemented by a fully customizable leaderboard.

Customizing StreamElements is effortless as it is hosted in the cloud. The bot has numerous commands, timers, modules, and spam filters, allowing you to use it immediately after activation.

StreamElements features

  • Spam protection
  • Moderation functions
  • Interactive games
  • Custom commands
  • Timer messages/notifications
  • Chat alerts
  • Loyalty system
  • Raffles
  • Song requests
  • Overlays
  • User and access rights management
  • Viewer-accessible stream repository
  • Leaderboard
  • Varied selection of games (e.g., 8 balls, bingo, roulette, etc.)

One of the main disadvantages of StreamElements is that its customization options are limited to the available user commands, which makes it less popular compared to other bots.

StreamElements is a free bot for Twitch and is available for download on the official website.



OWN3D Pro offers both chatbot functionality and easy branding of your stream. Installing overlays is very easy, and the library contains over 380+ variants on various themes. The collection includes many copyright-free music tracks.

Your OWN3D Pro account is managed via an online panel maintained by the Lyn chatbot. Functioning as the primary or sole chatbot, Lyn provides extensive customization and functionality.

The OWN3D Pro bot is characterized by its ease of use. You can quickly integrate this bot by clicking the "Join for Free" button on the homepage and logging into your Twitch account.

OWN3D Pro features

  • Create custom commands
  • Auto Mod with link protection and banned word filtering
  • Monitoring messages intercepted with Auto Mod
  • Scheduling timers for live broadcasts, polls, and other events
  • Prize draws
  • Access to overlays
  • Alerts
  • Streaming tags
  • Non-copyrighted music
  • Countdown widget
  • Chatbot integration
  • Ability to donate via PayPal

The disadvantages of this bot for Twitch include the fact that the premium version does not offer significant advantages over the free version. The features of OWN3D Pro are limited compared to other bots, the designs offered are quite simple, and integration is only possible with OBS.

You can use either a paid or free version of OWN3D Pro, which is available for download on the official website.


Wizebot is a feature-rich bot known for its navigation and cloud hosting convenience. Installing the bot on your Twitch channel takes less than five minutes, and it works around the clock. Acting as a chat moderator, it effectively weeds out spam and unauthorized links. Wizebot also provides information about your subscribers, followers, and unsubscribes.

In addition, to chat moderation features, Wizebot offers many tools to increase viewer engagement during broadcasts. It can be used to create customized virtual currency for games, promotions, bets, and even a virtual store. The bot also generates leaderboards and alerts informing about donations and subscriptions.

In addition, after integrating with your Twitch channel, Wizebot creates a customized website to boost your online presence. This bot easily integrates with various apps and websites such as Twitch Points, Twitter, LastFM, YouTube, Steam, and StreamDeck. It is also compatible with Project Zomboid and 7 Days To Die video games.

Wizebot features

  • Customizable commands
  • Moderation capabilities
  • Scheduled messages and notifications
  • Raffles
  • Subscriber, follower, and unsubscribe statistics
  • Betting system
  • Integration for song requests
  • Loyalty points management
  • Widgets and overlays
  • Robust protection against spam and abuse

Nevertheless, Wizzbot has several drawbacks. The bot has an extensive set of features, but some of them are redundant and are rarely used. Also, the bot is prone to creating a lot of spam, which can discourage users. Some functionality is only available in the paid version, and navigating and customizing the bot can be quite difficult for a beginner.

Wizebot is a free bot, but there is an option to create a paid premium account for additional benefits. You can download this bot from the official website.



Botisimo is another handy cloud bot for Twitch. It includes several essential features, including timed messages, interactive custom commands, and content filters to combat banned and inappropriate content. In addition to Twitch, Botisimo supports platforms such as Discord, YouTube, Facebook, and Trovo. The bot effectively consolidates chats from different platforms, enabling seamless interaction and response management during streaming sessions. Saving chat logs allows you to archive valuable interactions for future reference.

In addition to automation and moderation capabilities, Botisimo offers in-depth view statistics. It tracks engagement rates, viewing hours, and the influx of new viewers, which are conveniently displayed on the dashboard as handy graphs.

Botisimo allows you to run giveaways, contests, and bets for viewers. This bot also features an integrated loyalty system that allows you to develop and accrue loyalty points for regular viewers who actively participate in chat conversations. Earned points can later be redeemed for personalized rewards.

Botisimo features

  • User commands
  • Filtering capabilities
  • Moderation functions
  • Prizes, raffles and giveaways
  • Real-time polling and voting integration
  • Timed messages/notifications
  • Overlays
  • Interactive mini-games
  • Chatbot functionality
  • Notification system
  • Live stream announcements
  • Report generation
  • Customizable bot name
  • Saving chat logs
  • Streaming online campaigns ($50/month)
  • Landing pages ($50/month)

The downside of Botisimo is the pricing structure: the premium subscription costs $50/month. Additionally, the basic platform features available without a premium subscription are fairly rudimentary and can be found in alternatives. Another notable drawback is the presence of sponsored ads in the free version.

The basic functionality of Botisimo is free, expanding the bot's features is possible with a premium subscription. You can download Botisimo on the official website.


Phantombot is an open-source Twitch bot offering extensive customization options. Customization requires knowledge of Java and JavaScript, so this bot is recommended for more advanced users. Unlike cloud-based alternatives, Phantombot requires downloading to your computer.

Phantombot includes basic bot features for Twitch: spam protection, message scheduling, announcements, and command responses. Its unique feature is the ability to define the bot's severity level with respect to rule violations and objectionable content. Customizing permission levels, command names, and alerts is also possible. The bot increases user engagement with giveaways, gifts, bets, and mini-games.

Phantombot easily integrates with various platforms such as Discord, Twitter, and YouTube, which extends its functionality.

Phantombot features

  • Customization of user commands
  • Moderation
  • Interactive games
  • Betting system
  • Draws
  • Regular updates
  • High degree of customization (Java and JavaScript required)
  • Personalized notifications and chat announcements
  • Customizable permission levels
  • Notification features

Although Phantombot is characterized by a rich set of features, its capabilities are not as extensive as other popular bots. Using this bot requires certain skills and knowledge, which makes it not a suitable solution for beginners. Installing Phantombot can also cause difficulties compared to downloading cloud-based counterparts.

Phantombot is a free bot for Twitch and is available for download on the official website.



Fossabot, although relatively new to the streaming market, is quickly gaining momentum as a prominent bot for Twitch. It runs exclusively in the cloud, eliminating the need for servers and backups. Importantly, no technical knowledge of bot management is required to run Fossabot on your channel.

Fossabot provides effective moderation tools, and serves as a defense against spam, malware, and unwanted comments. The bot allows you to assign roles to community members and manage role-based access. The user-friendly control panel allows you to customize the settings according to your preferences

Fossabot allows you to automatically send messages at set intervals and create multiple custom commands, increasing viewer engagement during the stream. The bot's integration is not limited to Twitch but covers platforms such as Discord, StreamElements, TikTok, and Twitter.

Fossabot features

  • Audit logs
  • Moderation capabilities
  • Assign user roles
  • Spam filters
  • Chat alerts
  • Keyword Tracking
  • Timers
  • Custom commands

It should be noted that Fossabot is mainly for moderation and does not contain interactive elements such as games or other audience engagement tools.

This bot is free and available for download on the official website.

Bots play a key role for streamers on Twitch who want to create an engaging channel and build a community of viewers and followers. Bots for Twitch have several features and benefits that can help you make your streams popular, increase viewer engagement, and ultimately create a channel that resonates with your audience.


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